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3 ten years ago today... d-c snipers... john allen muhaamad and lee boyd malvo... chose their first victim.the shooting spree would go on to region and killing 10 innocent . years... malvo is now speaking out.megan gilliland is here with mmre on what he would like to say to the familles of his victims. good morning guys,convicted d-c sniper... lee boyd &pmallo... says he's a differen person noww.. not the same teenager whooterrorized our month.heewent on to tell the washington post ttat he's ttrly sorry for the shooting ssree that left 10 people dead. he ays he remembers each f the 13 sniper shootings in would sayydireetly to the replied... forget about me. malvo audio::i'm soory (0:39): i'm sorrr i murdered your only - your wife. what do i tell the child who was waiting for his father to comm home and dad never showed up? malvo... now 27 years old... is serving a life sentence.his partner... muuammad was executed in 2009.malvo has piined muuh of the terror on hii... saying muhammad had there wws one particular inciddnt though where alvo says he defiee muhhmmad.the washington pps
a private attorney has been county executiie john leopold. and it's at the expense of tax. taxpayers. as crime and explains the bill is already - more than 20-thousand dollars. 450 dollars an hour that's the amount being charged to defend john leooold in a discrimination lawsuit. in a just over two weeks, leopold's legal bill is more than 20 thousand dollars. 3 3 33 3 ,, 3 while taae law does require the county to provide for leopold's defense...if found off the hook and it would be the responsibity of leopold to pay up. joy lepola fox 45 news att5:30. the owner of the recher theater says he's not to blame for the fights that broke out last weekend in towson. but now he's worried about his business being punished - as a . unruly crowd gathered outside on york road saturday iiht after being turned away from a private event aa the theater. iiside, a charity fundrriser waa being hostee by a fraternity. police ended up being caaled to clear the crrwd. several people were arrested.the county execctive is now questtoning the tteater's liquor license - and
... coull... also... have... a devastating effect... on... ground breaking johns hopkins university...//. for years...., johns hopkins... has ffnding.... - then... ann other univerrsty... in... the nation..../// fox 44... news... has &ppearnnd that 010... thh ... university 1.77--billion dollars. sequestratioo pproach is kind oo a meat x and whht is needed is more of a scaple approach what we need to do is what our prioriiies are as a - pation fund those we caa afford ann figure out what we cant affood but taking a chunk out of everything isnnt reduction" 40 percent ...of r- university... lso pkinn - aii..../ how... not clear. earlier we told you about the return of regular n-f-l refs just in time for the ravens gam. game..and tonight we are asking if you think they will pur facebook page...."i sure hope so." so." and jonathon what's been going on."ter than oo.. plenty of response on this one... aamost everyone either thinks or hopes things will be getting better. go tt fox-baltimore dot
.for three weeks in occober of 2002... john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo terrorized our malvo is speaking ouu.megan - gilliland is here with more on what he s aamitting. admitting.good mooning guys,in a rare and chilling rison interview....conniited d-c sniper... lee boyd malvo is nnw cclling himself a monster... and apologizes for the lives he took. malvo audio: i'm sorry (0:399: i am sorry. ii am sorry. and it soondsa thhre is now way to expreess there is no way tooexpress that. that. malvo and mmhammad ambused 13 uususpecting strangers... killing ten of them. ten years later... malvo spoke to the waahington post... descrrbing ow the two choose their targets. 3malvo auddo: the prrcess (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd park. he'd park. he'd go in the trunk. i'd put my window down halfway and i could see whatever's in front oo me, to my left and to my ffcus is on witnesses, passenggrs and you know. and i told himmto shoot. and it was just one, rapid, after another after another after aaother. if there wasn't an opening within ten minutes, ww . spend the ress of his lif
at the johns opkins medicaa school since her controversial tweett after sunday night's game.... her boss wiih tweets and ooed - emaiis calling for her to be piree... well 3 it reads in part..... "i profounnly regret my completely inappropriaae &ppomment.. and i deeply lament caused.n it cauued. &p all f this started wwt moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the atriotss suudayy... she said.. "hey smith, how about you call your brother and tell him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" ray rice even got into the game.. coming to hope you knnw the word karma." - went spreading across thee country. and tonight, one on-line expert says it's anooher example that shows the power and viral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media (mr. white) "i maybb, i have a heightened sense of awareness of this thing, ut it does come to me as very nieee for a person to hink that when they put a picture on the internet, when they make a comment on the internet, when they share a thought on the internet, it can be ound and it will be dessite that apolog
beltway sniper shooting...for three weeks during ctober 2002 john allen muhammad nd leeeboyd malvo terroroized our region.... regionn... tonight... crime and justice reporttr... joy lepola... brings you... pprts of a recent interview .../ in... as... .... monster. / - / 3 in a rare interview from prisonnlee boyd mmlvo... not only describesshimself assa carrying out the shootings. it's beenn10 years sincee alvo &pand john allen muhammad went on one of the most notorious killing sprees in our nation's histtrr. for 23 days in october 2002, the pair ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers, killing 10 of them. isten as malvv in his own would choose their victims. victims. 33 mlvo audio: the process (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd pprk. he'd ark. he'd gg in phe trunk. i'd put my window doww halfway and i could see whatever's in ffont of me, to my left and to my right. my focus is n witnesses, passengees and you kkow. and whenever therr was aa opening i old him to shoot. and it was just one, apid, afftr another. if there wasn't an - opening withinnten minutes, ww . moved. during that
to politics.john dedie: 5::2:24 "they're border states. thee have to work ttgetherr but there's the rivaary too." political analysts say it's hard not to notice the grrwing rivalry between o'malley, a democrat - and virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell.john dedie: 15:22:05 gentlemen see each other as a possible uture rival on the national stage. and i think this is kind of the preeiminary for them."the two lot lltely in he national a sunday talk shows - where they've taken shots at each other... ann tteir respective parties.(cnn - february 2012) create jobs a lot faster, governnr mcdonnell, if your party were not captivv ... you haae taken different two men approaches.... (show ile of hopkins or a lab) o'maaley has biotechnology. policy experts state full of edical researchers. anirban basu: 10:26:31 "at this point, that industry makes all the sense in the world. what is frsuttating about that is that we have not creattd large companies and moreejobs through entreprenuership and innovation."whereas virginna has lured new businesses witt incentives, ower cooporate tax rates -
and the pain it caused.ply lament - employee at the johns hopkinss medical chool of medicine. since her controversialltweet wwet viral... people havv and e-mails calling for her too be on-line expert pays it's anothhr example that shows tteepower anddviral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media responsibility. (mr. whhte) "iimaybe, i have a heightened sense of awareness of his thiig, but it does come to me as very nieve forra person to think that whennthey putta pictureeon the internet, when they make a comment on the internet, when they share can be found and it will be sha" we've learned there are t. - several campaigns active on facebooo now tt gettmoody to leaae baltimore. a woman and a 4 year old child the loose this morning.they . 3 were shot nnar gorsuch avenuee police arrived ... the ssssect was gone. while they were trying to find out what happened with the woman, distance away.. the victims injuries are not believed to be life threatening.we have a call out to police for more informaaion and will bring you the latest as soon
't ave a good description of a suspect. 3&john travolta is now law-suitt free... after tte third suiit against him in just one year put.on thursday... a judge dismissedda defamation accusation agaiist travolta and his attorney. the lawsuit was filed by a man named massage therapists.randolph d 3 claims travolta's attorney &ppublishedda letter aboot the book that amaged his reputation.but a judgg ruled the ltter was protected by &pfree speech.two lawsuits file py travolta's massage parlier this year.smissed - a new book by harry potter author j-k rowling... is now pn stores.but unlike the book is for's her ffrst full-length work since the series came out 55years ago.theenovel is tttted "a casual vacanny"... and it's about he death of a local- government includes references toodrugss and sex. and so far... it's receiving mixed reviews rom ccitics. it's a boy for reese witherspoon! on thursday... child... who she named r third - "tennessee james."both are said t be doing well. 3this is itherspoon's first phild wwth her huuband, jim toth. he has two ccildren.
baltimorr to nnnunce a 7 pointt4 million doolar grant that will fund a partnership between johns hopkins system.the five year grant &pwill hell math and scienne teachers team up with faculty from he johns hopkins school of engineering to find ways o better engage students in learning bout science.. &p3311"how proud you muss be, t know when you drive by the school...i diid't see a kid in the classroom that looked like they didn't waat to be in school....they were exccted about schooll...they were excited about science" scienne" the mayoo says the program will engage over 1600 hundred students. tto fat... to.... join thh military. military. that's... exxctly... what a group of retired militarr leaders... ps... now calling... a... to... a... new report... from the group.../, one... n... four ...young peeple... is... too overweight off.. the problem, ...they say... is... the candy... kids... eet food and - eeeryday...///.. the ... prying... to... gettrii of punk food... in schools..../ they... bellevee.. schools are ...a.. big part... of the solution. &p
)program john: 31.25 "oriole special here!"the the final on the (national anthem 'o')but, many fans hope to be back later this week.(cheering)r.j. kamimski: 2.34 "that's right. i've been waiting a long time and i'm ready to see it today!" dustii & dave widener, 17:: "we've been waiiing ourrentire lives for this. yep. all our pives."ttenagers hhve never experienced this.til losing. a whole generation."o - the oriolee... re winners. (cheering in game)clint griggs: 32.18 "a lot's happened since then. i was gonna be here now. i was there in '''7. i'm gonna be here in 2012!."father: "she's gonna see the irst time the orioles clinched the playoffs since 1997."while baby norah dreams...(tilt to nora) through it."the orroles dream season continues.after sweeping the sox, thousands of fans stay behind.the out-of-town scoreboard stalled the celebration, but relevance is restored at oriole pprk. man: 5.10 "man, after all these yeaas of waiiing for this, this is perfecc."paul gessler, fox45 nees at ten. mooe than two million fans came to see the orioles play this year.thht's the most in fiie
anniversary of the beginning of the deadly killing spree by malvo and john allen muhammad. muhammad was executed for the crimms in 2009 and malvo is serviig a life sentencc withh no parole in virginia. tww new laws prrtectinggthe victiis of domestic violence take effect today.starting now, residents who are forced to leave their jobs to escape the threat of domestic violence... are eligible for unnmployement..and another report whether aadefendant has an abusive relationshhp with they're requireddto make note of t... on their criminal record. &guns that onne belonged to gangsters bonnie and clyde... hit the auction block.on sunday... a revolver and pistol found on the couple the day police ambushed and killed them in 1934... were sold for a whopping 5-hundred-thousand- dolllrs..he duo was wanted for kidnapping, auto theft, robbery and 13 murders natioowwde. the u-s supreme court begins its new term today.on suuday... members atttnded the &pannual "red mass"... seeeing blessinn for the upcoming term. justices are expected to face a range of expllsive issues over the upcomiig months
... beltway sniper... shooting...///. foo.... three weeks... john... allen muhammad... andd.. lee boyd malvo... terroroized our region../.. crime... ...jjy lepola... tr 3 brings uss.. us... parts ...of a recent intervieww../ in... whiih... malvo admits.../ he... was a monster. monster. ((pkgg) in rare interview from prissn d-c sniper lee &pboyd malvo... openly discusse the evenns that terrorizeddour region. during the shooting muhammad ambussd 13 unsuspecting ssrrngers killing ten of them. malvv now ten years later....desccibes how the two .... hoose their targettsmalvo auuio:: he process (0:29): we'd drive up. in the trunkk i'd put my window down halfwayyand i cculd see whatever's in front of mm, to y left and to my riiht. my focuss sson wittesses, passsngers ann yyu know. and wheneverrthereewas an opening i tood him to shoot. and it was just one, another after another. if thhre wasn't an opening within spoke tt the washington post. he says he remembers each of the sniper at the 27 ashamed of what he's done. malvo a
the first beltway sniper shooting. shooting.for hree weeks in octobee of 2002... john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo whaa he is admitttnggars... 3 admitting..ood morning guys,in a rare and chilling prison innerview... convicted d-c sniper... lee boyd malvo is now calling himself a monstee... and apologizes for phe lives he took. malvo audio: 'm sorry (0:39): i am sorrr. i am sorry. and it soundsa there is now way to express, there is no way to express that. that. malvo and muhammad aamusee 13 unsuspecting spooe to theewashington of - post... describinn how the two choose their taagets. malvo auddo: the processs (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd park. he'd park. he'd go in the trunk. i'd put my wwndow down halfway ann i coold see whatever's in front of me, to my left and to my right. my focus is on wiinesses, passengees and you know. and whenever there was an opening i old him to shoot. and it was just one, rapid, after another after aaother after opening within ten minutes, we . moved.malvo was a teen at the time... he's now 7 and willl spend the rest of his life in prison. muhamm
90--% offthe beach boys material...// o... this is akin o ingoofiriig john and paul... the oriiles... p are... enjjying &pa rarr... day their final... regular season &phome series. ppent the day with students decked out in orange.paul geesler tells us how the kids &pgot the orioles to visit. i went to lastnight's o's game... and i went to saint philip nnri catholic school today...let me tell ou saint philip neri oday. jason hammel, tommy hnter, .- - and answered questions withhs theekids today.they won the and black at everr turn.they .' beat out 30 other schools in the rrolls challenge. jacob dunhhm: 37.26 "i'm glad it's just so cool. my throat toomy huuter: 32.02 "they were yelling. thhy were on theer ffet. it waa eneegetic. it's something whhn we step out on one of the students asked the players who they'' want to face in the world series.jason said the washington philip neri, ranging from pre-k to 8tt grade.all of them lefttttday with an orioles baakkack, a tee- shirt, and promise of going to a game 3 next season.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30
to announce a 7 point 4 million dollar grant between johns hopkinn university nd the city school syssem.the five yyar rant will help math and science teaahers team up with faculty from the joons hopkins school of engineering to find ways o better engage ssudents in learning about sciencc.. 3:11"hoo proud you must be, to school...i didn't see a kid in phe classroom ttat looked like they didn't want to be in school....they weee excitee abouttschool"...they were excited about science" &pscience" the mayor says the program will engage ver 16000hundred ptudents hhw are the roaas looking tonig? report. e report..- pbelairwwlkensmaps395map - 3 one teenaaer ii the target f a cruul the last laugh. i'm candace doll in os annelesson thh see oo new girr. check it out this is the apartment hat you seeeevery season. season 2 t all ssarts tonight on fox45, but we're going to take you ehind he scenes coming up. --adblib weaaher tz-- a... bullied gets... the... last lauuh....//.. after... students... nominated her... for... homecoming ourr ..
in october of 2002... john allen muhammad and lle boyd malvo terrorized our after all oo these years... malvo is speaking out. out.tom rodgers is here with more on what he is admitting plus yourrother op stories of the orning. in a rare and chillingg rison inteeview... conviited d-c sniper... lee boyd malvo calls himmelf a monster... ann took.malvo audio: i'm sorry (0:39): i am sorry. i am sorry. and it ssundsa& there way to exprrss, there is no thht. malvo and muhammad ambbsed 13 uususpeccing strangers... killing ten of them. ten yearr later... malvo spoke to tte washington post... describing how thh tto would chhose their targets. malvo udio: the procees phe trunk. i'd put my window down halfway nd i coold see whatever's in front offme, to my leff and tt my right. my focus is on witnesses, passengers and you know. and i told him to shoot. and it was just onee rapid, after another after another after another. if there wasn't an opening within tee miiutes, we . mooed.maavo was a teen at the time... he's now 27 and will spend the rret of his life in prison.muhammad was
county executive john leopold. and who's payyng for them. 33 plane craahes may be rare.... but runway collisions are diiferent story... he alarming study on airport safety. one week before the firrt debateepresident obama andd mitt romney are racking uppthe miles across ohio. 3 &p --adblibbweather tz-- krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. a... new report ...on... air safety... finds... ssme alarming n. numbers.the... nee york times... reportt../ shows piiots... facee collisions... more on the ground... // than... the airr..//.in..
... it... has... evidence of fraud... in... maryland's... voter oll. rolls. and as john rydell reports...thatincludes allegations of some folks declared dead... dead... (rydell) ""there have been cathy on a ."-3 mission. as head of the group election only started to reviiw.... maryland's voter rolls. but kelleher says...she's evidence that a few people who - registered to vote...are usinn the names of those who have died. and...some...still living... havv registered to vote two different states. (kelleher) "and for every time one vote that's fraudulent gets cast, it's erasing mm vote which is a legitimate vote."but state elections officiils...say there is no evidence of any frauu.and they say...if suuh allegations do come to light...the innormation is foowarred to the state proseccturs office. but athy & not deterree. (kelleher) "and we don't and fair elections if tte free - informmtion that's being used tt reggster voters is incorrect." (rydell) bethhsda, johnnrydell, fox45 &pnews at fiiee" & accordinggto a baltimore un polll
tonight john rydell sppaks ith the ooner of the recher theater..... where an overflow out of hand.. . "i was out here trying to ccear the stteet for an hour onna megaphone."briaa reeher...reealls he chaotic scene outside his theater...aa crowds of young people quickky escalated. during the melee...eighttpeople were arrested...and a man wassshot the townsontown parking ing - garage. (recher) ""o be ssuch disrespect for law." reccer....ays he rented the theatee to a fraternity...for says members of "theta mu-mu"...wwich issan affiliate of "omega si-fi"...were not the problem. when all of tte 630 ttckets were sold... allowed in.he blames soccal s - huge croodsson along yook he - road...anddside streett. problem innthe past and you know, it's an unfortunate event."baltimore county police chief jamms ohnson...says investiiators are also examining the role...of facebook... and twitter. (johnson) "we understand the promoter retained by the &ptheater owners did advertise via social media the event." but baltimooe countt execctive kevinnkamenetz...says the rreher theater's own
suggest or pay for a player to team?" "absolutely not. i thiik ttey are trumped-up pharges. i think john zanelli and submitted i believe to ead - like that evee happened on my team." 3 late thursdayy the national pop warner organization suspended the head coach and new information nd players cominggforward. 3 a few showers could move in meeeorologisttemily gracey to up. pe're saying thankk up. we're saying thank you toothee ffns that make ur facebook today's facebook faanof the day is jason could be a fox45 fan of the day. foxbaltimooe and click the "like" button.ww have a new fan of the day every weekday on foo45 nnws at five. 33 hey everyooe, welcome to sports unlimited.i'm moogan adsit live at ccmden yards.. ii's extremly simple for the orioles.6 games left... 2 series... 1 here with bbston.1 on he road at tampa bay..the themselves. playoff hunt picturr...the orioles don't need any teams to tank nd hooe nned aay teams toothe orioles don't picture...playoff hunt t's a perfect it's a perfect layoff hunt picture...theeorioles don't hope they sneak in...nope... they sneak
... is... hired... to defend ... anne arundel county... executive... john leopold...//. at ... the expense... of taxpayers.../. this... covers.... leopold's... sexual harrassment... lawsuit..../ in... 2--weekss.../ leopold's bill... is... more than... 20... thousand dollars. dollars. before... august,.../ - defended leopold.../// . but,,/ several... police officers... &p gave... depositions.../ contradicting... leopold's claims...//. so.../ why... isn't leopold... paying... out of his own pooket. 3 ppessure needs to be brought againsttleopold to resign and also for him to pay for it out justtan abuse of the power of his office and he is not serving the people well and he shooldn't be taking their especiilly at a time when every single budget in the statt is strapped. :41 :41 while... ssate aw... does requure... the county... to... provide for leopold's defense../. if... p ound ggilty../. it... wwuld be... leepold... who... ould be expected...
mcrrven's interest in joining the military came after seeing hii movie (nats) john wayne's 1998 film green (nats) for years, the militarry has loaned hollywood ships, seals as technical advisors. but in the movie aat of vvlor (nats) the actorr were real the mooie didn't go throogh the standard approval but ssys &pthe bootoo line remained intact. i think the principlee &pamerican can understand thiss and or classified information, tactics, techniques, procedures.but thht new bin laden movie? its already a political hottpotato after emailssemerged showing moviemakers met with ttp the darkkthirty is r - set for release after the preeidential election but it that ollywood and the military may be getting too cozy.barbara starr, nn, the pentagon-----end----- cnn.script----- p t-v star....leaves behind aa death.the shockinn thing anarchy star" johnny lewws did... before taking a fatal fall... ii his attempts to ((break 3)) followw -- six out of ten connumers are &punhappy wwth their financial institutions.but there aae still a few hhdden gems.a new the best banks-- with perks
clifton high schooo complex.the victim s liited in stable condition aa johns hopkins hospital. and pollce ssa they are questioning a person of iiterest in the incident. customs agents reportedly seized more than a pound of cocaine from traveler at dulles nternational airport. the man arriied at the airport saturday afternoon oo a flight from gatemala.officers saad two white jars with false side - linings.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is banned from returning to tte u-s for at least five years.thhs is the kind this month. an owings mills man is being hhld at the baltimore ounty detentton center....accused f sexually abusing two teenage spring.anttony cottle is facing charges incluuing sexual abuse offa minor andd second degree assault.police said ooe of the 23-year-ood's abuse.according to the teen, it happened this pass may while cottle was staying with his fammly.cottle aaso once wwrkee for the baltiiore county fire epartment.poliie believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call the 3 in a rare interview d-c sniper lle bo
.../ everyone... offended...its beliivvd to have come frooman employee at the johns hopkins school of medicine which was rrporredly was inundated with angry responses. ray rice eeen got into this game......coming to torry smiths ddfense... tweettng... "u areeterrible i hope ou pbuu for the most part...yesterdays game left everrone overflowing with purple pride. pride.even... the... smalllst ravens fans... pprple pride... yesterday....///amy... sent us... this picture... of... little salena../ . ready... to... root for... the raaens ...some families get so into &ppurpleepride... the dog gets involvedgail sent us this photo of "angel"...dyed purple from heed to toe there... is... no better... birthday to have... / than... a... purple birthday...///. this... is... jennifer's picture... of... jordan and juliaa.../ and... their ravens... birthday cake show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us throogh purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com.and you can see those pictures on our "see it shoot t send it" page can go to our f
.. and i deeply lament &ptth pain it caused. caused. moody is an employee at the johns hoppiis &psince her controversial tweet went viral... people have flooded her oss with tweets be on-line expert pays it's another example that shows the power and viral nature of the inteenet... and social media responsibility. - (mr. white) "i maybe, i have a heightened sense of awareness of this thing, bbt it does come to me as very niive for a person to think that when hey put a picture on the internet, when they make a comment on a thought on the internet, it can beefound and it will be sha" shared."despite hat apology.. we've learned theee are t. - &pseveral campaigns active on facebook now to get moodyyto leave baltimore. free melanoma screenings will be avaiiable ttddy.... t it's part of an anti-cancer crusade... that the aven's are participating in. the like lisa stinchcomb.... who lost her husband, wayne,,to cancerrii 2010. (lisa ccose)-pause- its horrible.. hoorible disease that o down was an awful ke - exppeiencee" ut thats whatt i'' hopinn with this ravvns campai
has done is studied joe biden's tapes and record and joe biden's, john style and said, as you know, one of the best litigators in america and is good at adapting to that. chris: have you got lines already prepared, attack lines. >> i'm not a "line" guy, i'm more of a gut guy. i'm more of a -- you know me well, i don't try to be anybody other than who i am. i believe in what i believe. i do what i do, and i really believe in the policies we're providing, we are pursuing. and, at the end of the day, i am just going to go in there and be me. >> chris: are you hoping joe biden makes one of his -- >> i don't think he will. he doesn't do that in debates, the gaffes, he's legendary for this, that is not in these kinds of situations, he's a very disciplined person when he speaks in these kind of situations and doesn't produce gaffes in these moments, those are when he's off the cuff, on the stump, out giving speeches. >> chris: you are not counting on one. >> no. >> chris: thank you so much for talking with us. >> thanks, chris, appreciate it. >> chris: with that interview we have now talk
... research johns hopkins niversiy university 3 since 1979 johnn hopkins federal research and development funding hen any other uuiversity in the nation. now some oo the naaion's leading ssientists on &pthii campus.... are closeey pollowing the federal budget sequester to see how it will impact their research. (hopkins)"if the federal govtt goes over this fissal cliff they are going tt take a lot righttnow some researchers here are studying the creetivity of the brainn otters are studying a new drug used to treat seizures that ccn lead to alzheimer's disease. (hopkins)"this approach is kind of a meat ax and what is needed is more of a scaple approach what weeneed tt do is figure out what is important what our priorities are as a nation fund thoss we we cant afford"(cairrs)"the at 3 cutbacks wwll not just iipact professors 400perrent of the university are onnfed fin. aid &pnot clear. "(student)"im is - pretty worriid."new-say--a and ,like other students here,, worry about how they will pay tuitiin next year. in nooth bblt kc ox 45 news at 10 in 2010... alln
called to the word on the condition of the johns hopkiis universiiy will use a 7-poiit- 4 million pollar graat to help improve baltimore elementary schools. five-yyar grant is aimed at immrovvng teaching and learning in science, technooogy, eegineering and math, known as stem education. city and school officials plan to announce the grant this morning at arlington ellmennary/middleeschool. a new survey finds more than poe third f voters.. aren't happy with their hoices at the polls.only 54 percent of satisfied with theii hey are - presidential choices this satisfaction with their candidate than republlcans... but iidependents were the least happy with their options. 3 it's time to get to work like honey can be used for...emily gracey joins us with more on todaa's hometown hotspot. 3 the 3t annual hhney harvest festival takes place saturday september 29th and sunday september 30th from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.for more information log on to fox baltimore dot com slashh morning. prank...but it back fired. this young girl.. voted homeeoming queen turned theetables
. the state has yet to comment. john travolta is now law-suit free... after the third suii against him in just one year outton thursday... judge dismissed a defamation accusationnagainnt travolta and his attorney. the lawwuit was filed by a man naaee robert randolph.. who wrote a &pbook about travolta's alleged sexual assaults n 2 ale massage therapisss.randolpp claims travolta's attorney &pppbbished a letter abouu the book that damaged his reputation.buu a judge ruled thh letter was ppotected byy free speech.two lawsuits filed earlier this year.smissed - from fast food... to t-v going on the air.onald's... is aii. the fast fooo chain is creating its own t-v broadcast in 7-hundred restaurants.the "m channel" will offer exclusive content for will also mcdonald's custommrs.o reach - movv over "angry piggies"... and its made by d m includes more than 60 levels of "pii-crashiig,,exploding, and flyyng fun".it is now phone, android and mac. the i- coming upp.. what oes your eer choice... haae to do with polittcs? lot!which political party is and in ouu hometown ams. hotsp
the way!! wayy!!rnest " e're going alll the way !! why not? &pnot?duncan " till thh end wit win!"john " to the moon and backkbabyy!!! baby!!!!larry "world ssries ...birds are coming" coming"tavon long as we play like a team we can beat any team she goo the last laugh..after a cruel joke was planned... howwa town rallied around a special needs girl... elected tt homecommng court... in a prank. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morningg people aaross the country have rallied around a &pbullied mmchigan teen. the 16-year-old was ellcted to her sccool's homecoming courr as a explains... she is the one having the last laugh. 3 --reportee pkg-as follows -- (nats)a superstar practically pvernight, 16 year old whitney kropp is a role model to anyone who's ever been bullied. "it's juut so overwhelming!" (nats)but this sophomooe's journey to stardom was no fairytale. when her peers pickeddher for the homecoming court as a joke-she had thoughts of suicide."i'm like wow i feel like trash. i feel like im a little thing that no one really cares about."at her sister's
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